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United Talent

Welcome to the United Talent Family!

In 1998 United Talent was established by Brian P. Harris as a business class project while attending Georgetown College and majoring in Business Administration and Communication.  In the summer of 2000, United Talent opened its first physical location in the Indian Acres Shopping Center with an emphasis on Competitive All-Star Cheerleading. Soon after, United Talent quickly began offering additional services and established programs for dance and tumbling.  In 2003, a permanent location and facility was acquired at 101 Spring Court in the Georgetown Industrial Park and services expanded into Softball and Baseball training by way of batting cages, Tae Kwon Do, and Fitness Classes.  In 2008, United Talent built an additional 10,000 square foot facility to accommodate the growth of its services and programs.  Currently, United Talent continues to provide professional services to dancers, cheerleaders, and tumblers throughout the Central Kentucky area!  We are proud of our heritage and rich traditions and are very excited about our continued future!

Our Mission...

The mission of the United Talent is to develop safe, positive and professional programs dedicated to the mental, physical and social aspects of training young dancers, cheerleaders, gymnast, and tumblers.  Our aim is not only to train talented athletes, but to ultimately prepare them with the life skills necessary to be successful in today's demanding society. United Talent promotes hard work, self-esteem, character, and confidence through each of its programs and places a strong emphasis on health, self worth, responsibility, respect, and personal growth.

United Talent’s trademark logo, the Shamrock, represents our organization’s core values; truth, valor, and love. All essential to the follow through of our mission and commitment to solid Christian based principles.  


1998-2000 Logo: In the early years we were known as Central Kentucky United(CKU.) The building blocks represented the beginning/building years. The three blocks in the middle represented our core programs: Cheer, Dance, and Tumbling.

2000-2004 Logo: The Shamrock originated with our competitive programs in 1998, but was incorporated for our entire organization in 2004. Our company’s core values originated from one of many significant/historical meanings behind the Shamrock.  In short, the three petals that “unite on one stem” represent “truth,” “valor,” & “love.” The petals have also come to represent United Talent’s staple programs: cheer, dance, & tumbling.

2004-2008 Logo: In 2004 we moved from our location at the Indian Acres Shopping Center and purchased the original building on the current property at 101 Spring Court. Exploring the possibility of a full sport center during this period, we added Batting Cages, Fitness, and Taekwondo classes to our programs.

2008-2014 Logo:
In 2008 we expanded our facility and updated the logo. The blue
and green TALENT logo represents our Cheer & Tumbling programs. The pink & green TALENT logo represents our Dance program. We chose to simplify this logo by incorporating “TALENT” alone in the shamrock.   Our staff and core programs experienced tremendous growth during this period.  

2015-Present Logo:
For the new logo, our goal was to create a modern, sleek, and mature version of the shamrock that would continue to represent the original core values of our company: Truth, Valor, and Love. “UNITED” was brought back to the forefront of the logo signifying the idea that all of our programs are “united on one stem.” The stem of the shamrock, now a trademark of United Talent, is significant and can stand-alone in the logo as well. A shamrock has one stem, but three separate leaves. The stem of the shamrock represents what unites all of our programs and our organization as a whole. Without its stem, there is no Shamrock!